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Contest - 2 (2006 - 2007)


A first of its kind in India “Inter-college and senior school POWERPOINT presentation competition” (conceptualized and enabled by the undersigned) and branded “IT KRIYA Ver1.0” is presently on.

In this era of  Globalization and Information Technology, creativity / communication skills / cognition / comprehension skills are the buzzwords. Inspired by this, some corporate heavyweights are jointly supporting “IT KRIYA Ver1.0”.

Objective: The objective is to judge the most IT savvy college and school with the best talents in creativity and communication in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal. Each of the supporting brands has a varying role to play in execution of the contest.

“Powerplay”, a similar contest for school students from classes 4 – 9 is an yearly activity which was flagged off in 2002 – 2003. During the 4th year of the contest in 2005 – 2006, nearly 3000 children from 25 premium schools in Kolkata and suburbs participated. Companies backing the POWERPLAY  contest since 2002 -2003 are :

Goodlass Nerolac Paints Ltd; LG Electronics India Ltd (IT Divn.); Colgate Palmolive India Ltd; ITC Ltd (Foods Division); Novartis India Ltd; Titan Industries Ltd; Rasna Private Ltd; General Mills India Pvt Ltd; Osram India Pvt Ltd; Eveready Industries Ltd; Scholar Publishing House Pvt Ltd; Encyclopaedia Britannica (India) Pvt Ltd; Heinz India Pvt Ltd; Needs NGO; Power FM (107.8); Pioneer Paper Company; Radio FM (93.5); Marketingpundit.com.

Terms and conditions:

·    Participating institutions will have to give me an ‘intention of participation’ in writing on the official letterhead.

·    Institutions are required to depute 1 – 3 individuals with whom the organizers can co-ordinate matters related to the contest.

·    Posters (doubling up as clue sheets) and banners of supporting companies announcing the contest will be put up at strategic locations in participating institutions.

·    Eligibility: The contest will be open to students/ youths in 2 groups, viz. Classes 11 – 12 (ISC and CBSE) & Classes 1st – 3rd/ 4th years in Professional/ General Stream Colleges (as on October 2006).

·    Each presentation will be conceptualized and made at college/ school by a 2 member ‘team’ within a maximum time frame of 2 hours.

·    Every participating institution will have to nominate a minimum of 15 teams (of two students each).

·    A department of an institute (viz. Marketing department or Mechanical Engg department or Physics Honours department, etc) can participate as an independent entity. However, in that case each department will have to nominate a minimum of 15 teams.

·    There’s no limit to the maximum number of teams that can participate from each institutions.

·    Participants' identity: A participation form has to be filled up by each participating team member.

·    Venue: The intra-institution round of the championship will be held at the institution premises.

·    Dates: Dates for the intra-institution round of “IT KRIYA Ver 1.0” will be decided by the institution authorities. Schools and Colleges are at liberty to carry out the intra round of the contest at their premises spread over one or more days. However, the dates must be communicated to us in advance.

·    Topics (Intra-institution round): For the intra - round of “IT KRIYA Ver 1.0”, details about topics will be communicated to the respective colleges / schools atleast 5 - 6 days prior to the event.

·    Preparation: Students can bring hard copies of the contents and soft copies of pictures, animations, sound from elsewhere. The actual presentation will have to be made at the contest venue during the allotted time.

·    For the intra-institution round, each team has to make a 1 + 8 slides (no more and no less) Power Point Presentation on the selected/ allotted topic in 2 hours time. The first slide will mandatorily contain the personal details of both the participating team members.

·    Judging criterion:  Presentations exceeding 750 kb will be disqualified. Sound effect is not an important criterion - participants may or may not insert sound effects. The look, feel, content, creativity and following the laid down instructions will be the most important judging criterion. 

·    The 1st slide must be in black & white with no clip arts and word arts. The entire slide should be typed in Arial font in size 18. The slide layout should have a horizontal bar on top and two vertical bars below. The horizontal bar will contain the Topic, Group name, Date of Intra/ Inter School Contest, Name and Address of School. Each of the vertical bars will contain the Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Residential Address, Phone num, Contact Mobile num, Father’s 1st name & profession, Mother’s 1st name & profession, Class & Section, Whether there’s a Computer at home or not for each of the two team members.

·    File and Folder naming: The presentation files are individually saved with an allotted team name. All School Team Members (classes 11 - 12 as on October 2006) from any school are saved with  'S' as the prefix. College Team Members have 'C' as the prefix while allotting  their team names. For example, from any particular school, team S7 saves their intra-school presentation as S7.ppt. The laid down instructions needs to be followed carefully.

·    The intra-institution winners: The first 4 teams from each participating institution will be ranked by the college/ school authorities after the intra-round of the contest to judge the intra-round winners from each of the participating colleges and schools.

·    The inter-institution winners: Only the presentations of the first 4 teams (intra-round winners) selected/ ranked by the institution authorities will be put to common evaluation for judging the inter-college, inter-school and overall-contest winners.

·    Judges: Will be judged by representatives of the supporting brands and industry experts. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

·    Retrieval of presentations: All (intra institution) presentations in full or part, will be retrieved from the school or college computers. The participating institutions will have to make arrangements to provide me with all their presentations in a CD (free of any computer virus). All such presentations will eventually become the property of the organisers.

·    Participants and school authorities should check this website at regular intervals for details. For any critical queries, please revert to us.

Results:    Final results will be announced in April - May 2007 and will be available for viewing in www.marketingpundit.com. Gifts, trophies, certificates will be awarded to a large number of participants. These will be handed over at the respective institutions in May – June 2007.


Participating Schools:   The entire list of participating colleges and schools are available on request.


Inter-College & Sr.School Contest Topics

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