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Contest - 2 (2002 - 2003)


Conceptualized, researched and implemented by:  DEEP BANERJEE - Marketing Strategy & Support Services Consultant, Marketingpundit.com.

Supported by:   ITC (Foods Division);           Intel;        Supertron Electronics (Supercomp Computers);        Goodlass Nerolac Paints;    Clown Town (Monte Carlo Racing Circuit);          Fantasy Furnishings;           IT Kids;           Blossom;        Poligon Initiative.

Each of the sponsors had a varying role to play in execution of the contest.

Duration: November 2002 – March 2003

Contest Objective:  To judge the most IT savvy school with the best creativity in Calcutta.

·         As far as students or schools were concerned, no participation fee or proof of purchase of any product or service was required to participate in the contest.

Terms and conditions:

·      Participating schools had to give me an ‘intention of participation’ in writing on the school letterhead.

·      Participating number of teams (minimum requirement): For the intra-school championship, each of these schools had to nominate a minimum of 5 teams (with no limit on the maximum number of teams) of 2 members each from each of the class groups 4 – 6 and 7 – 9.

·       Participant identity: A participation form had to be filled up by each participating team member.

·      Venue: The intra-school & inter-school championships were held at the school premises. The dates for the intra-school & inter-school finals of “Power Point Presentation Competition” were decided by the school authorities.

·       Topics (Intra-School round): For the intra-school round of “Power Point Presentation Competition”, topics were decided by the respective schools/ teams themselves about 6 days prior to the event.

·      Topics (Inter-School round): A single topic, ‘ I ’, was given (after completion of the intra-school contest at school) for preparation for the inter-school finals of “Power Point Presentation Competition”. Approximately 5 – 6 days time was given to prepare for the inter-school final presentation.

·      The topic ‘ I ’ was inspired by ‘ I ’ Biscuits from ITC Ltd.

·      For the intra-school and inter-school rounds, each team had to make a 10 slides (no more and no less) Power Point Presentation on the selected/  allotted topic in 2 hours time.

·      The intra-school winners, 4 teams of 2 members each from the class group 4 – 6  AND   4 teams of 2 members each from the class group 7 – 9 were selected/ judged by the participating schools themselves. These 8 teams represented their respective schools in the inter-school finals by making a presentation with ‘ I ’ as the topic.

·      All (intra & inter-school) presentations were retrieved from the school computers. The inter-school winners were  judged by a distinguished panel nominated by the organisers of the contest. The decision of the judges were final and binding.

·      All powerpoint presentations retrieved by computer hardware specialists deputed by the organisers from the school computers eventually become the property of the organisers.

Results: Final results were announced on 10th May 2003. Gifts, trophies, certificates were be awarded to a large number of participants. These were handed over at the respective schools in July 2003.

Participating Schools: (20 nos.)

Participation Statistics :

  • Mahadevi Birla Girls Higher Secondary School is the most IT savvy school with over 95 teams participating in the intra-school round of the contest. The school had the maximum representation from both the Senior (Class 7 – 9) as well as the Junior (Class 4 – 6) Group.
  • Ø Ashok Hall was represented by 28 teams (23 from Senior Group + 5 from Junior Group) in the intra-school round.
  • Ø St.Xavier’s Collegiate School closely followed Ashok Hall with 26 teams participating in the intra-school round.
  • Ø Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan had 22 teams from the Junior Group representing the school in the intra-school round of the contest – second only to M.B.Girls HS School.  

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