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Services On Offer

(1) Function as a change agent to revitalize certain aspects of the marketing setup of the company.

(2) Help in training & grooming the company's and its distribution channel's sales/ marketing team for optimum results.

(3) Conceptualize, strategize and implement launch of concepts and also new brands/ products in the brick & mortar  and  internet world.

(4) Guide a team to develop  strategies and also suggest & oversee methodologies for successful implementation for building the brand equity of existing and/or proposed products/ services and   also the same for other marketable products/ services which might be conceptualized in due course.

(5) Provide inputs for the design & interpretation of market research and advertising research, as and when necessary, on existing and proposed concept/ services be it through/ for the internet or the physical brick and mortar world. Also, devise methodologies for the measurement of the extent of acceptance of new concepts/ ideas by the target audience.

(6) Tracking of competitive activities and buyer behaviour in different segments including proper positioning, customer satisfaction studies and mystery shopping exercise.

(7) Forecasting sales effects on changes in the marketing mix.

(8) Information & strategies on existing or proposed distribution channel including Retail Census and Retail Audit.

(9) Develop on an ongoing basis a dedicated database for various focussed promotional activities.

(10) Plan and execute direct marketing campaigns and ensure proper follow up of response feedbacks.

(11) Personally involve myself in a lot of PR activities.

(12) Strategize and create opportunities for generation of revenues through sales of products/ services and through the offering of creative value added services.

(13) Assist in formulating a proper media plan and cost effective promotional methods.

(14) Assist in gathering miscellaneous information from secondary sources on various segments/ issues.

(15) Assume responsibility for planning and assimilation of contents to be incorporated in specific sites and portals.

(16) Any other job which has synergy with whatever has been stated earlier.

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