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Conceptualized, researched and implemented by:  DEEP BANERJEE - Marketing Strategy & Support Services Consultant, Marketingpundit.com.

Supported by:     Goodlass Nerolac Paints; LG Electronics India Ltd (IT Divn.); Titan Industries Ltd; Encyclopaedia Britannica; Eveready; Rasna; Scholar Publishing House; RedFM(93.5); Pioneer Paper Company.

Each of the sponsors had a varying role to play in execution of the contest.

Duration:    December 2003 – March 2004

Contest Objective:    To judge the most IT savvy school with the best creativity in Calcutta.

·     As far as students or schools were concerned, no participation fee or proof of purchase of any product or service was required to participate in the contest.

Terms and conditions:

·      Participating schools had to give me an ‘intention of participation’ in writing on the school letterhead.

·    Posters and banners of supporting companies announcing the contest was put up at strategic locations in participating schools.

·     Participating number of teams (minimum requirement): For the intra-school championship, each of these schools had to nominate a minimum of 5 teams (with no limit on the maximum number of teams) of 2 members each from each of the Class Groups  4 – 6      and      7 – 9.

·     Participants' identity: A participation form had to be filled up by each participating team member.

·      Venue: The intra-school & inter-school championship was held at the school premises. The dates for the intra-school & inter-school finals of “Power Point Presentation Competition” were be decided by the school authorities.

·      Topics (Intra-School round): For the intra-school round of “Power Point Presentation Competition”, topics were decided by the respective schools/ teams themselves about 6 days prior to the event.

·   Topics (Inter-School round): The intra-school winners from each school had to make a 1 + 10 slides presentation on any one of the following 3 topics for the inter-school finals of “Power Point Presentation Competition”. Approximately 4 – 6 days time was given to prepare for the inter-school final presentation:


    "SHAKE UP"   or

    "GIVE ME RED".  

·      Preparation: Students could bring in hard copies of the contents and soft copies of pictures, animations, sound from elsewhere. The actual presentation had to be made at the school itself.  

·      For the intra-school round, each team had to make a 1 + 8 slides (no more and no less) Power Point Presentation on the selected/  allotted topic in 2 hours time. One single slide contained the personal details of both the participating team members.

·      For the inter-school round, each team had to make a 1 + 10 slides (no more and no less) Power Point Presentation on the allotted topic in 2 hours time. One single slide contained the personal details of both the participating team members.

·      The single slide containing the personal details of both the participating team members had to be made with a white background. The text had to be in black, with Times New Roman or Arial as the font type, and 18 - 20 as the font size. No animation, word art, background designs or pictures could be inserted in the 1st slide.  The layout of the slide was explained during the contest in schools.

·      The intra-school winners, 4 teams of 2 members each from the class group 4 – 6  AND   4 teams of 2 members each from the class group 7 – 9 were selected/ judged by the participating schools themselves. These 8 teams represented their respective schools in the inter-school finals by making a presentation on the allotted topic.

·      Schools were at liberty to carry out the intra and inter rounds of the contest at their premises spread over one or more days. However, the dates had to be communicated to us in advance.

·      Presentations exceeding 750 kb were liable to be disqualified. Sound effect was not an important criterion. The look, feel, content and creativity were the most important judging criterion.

·      The presentation files had to be individually saved with an allotted team name in a folder bearing the same name. All Senior Team Members from any school had 'S' as the prefix, while Junior Team Members had 'J' as the prefix while allotting  their team names. For example, from any particular school the intra-school presentation S7.ppt made by team S7 had to be saved in a folder named S7. During the inter-school round, the file names and folder names changed. If S7 ranked 2nd in the intra-school round from a particular school and the chosen topic for the inter school contest was 'GIVE ME RED', the corresponding file and folder names was S2nd-S7-EV. Instructions needed to followed carefully.

·      Almost all (intra & inter-school) presentations were retrieved from the school computers. The participating schools made arrangements to provide me with most of their presentations in a CD (free of any computer virus). All such presentations has eventually become the property of the organisers.

·      The inter-school winners were judged by a distinguished panel nominated by the organisers of the contest. The decision of the judges is final and binding.

·      Participants and school authorities should check the website at regular intervals for details.

Results:    Final inter school contest results were announced on this website on 22.06.2004.

From each of the Junior and Senior Groups, 1st - 4th are "Rank Holders". The "Certificate of Creditable Achievement" winners have been collectively clubbed between 5th and 8th and have not been allotted individual ranks. The "Certificate of Merit" winners have been collectively clubbed between 9th and 20th and have not been allotted individual ranks either.  

Gifts, certificates will be awarded to a large number of participants. These will be handed over at the respective schools in July - August 2004.

Participating Schools:   The entire list of participating schools were available on request.

Note: Entire details of the same contest in 2002 - 2003 can be viewed at the contests section of this website.

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